sherlock holmes

Even though a study in scarlett was fun to read, i have to take a break and work on my math grade. So i will be back with more about the great detective soon.



I saw an episode of sherlock last night and it was so awsome. BBC has done a great job of depicting the character of Sherlock Holmes. I love that show.

The study in Scarlett: By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I read the first chapter of The Study In Scarlett.  I again was reminded of how quirky Mr. Sherlock Holmes was. The thing is that he is very logical, not to mention he is studying at the university in London. I was reminded of how smart he was and how much I love those stories. If anyone else has started The study in scarlett. What are your thoughts when you first meet Mr. Sherlock Holmes?

Books:is technology making them a thing of the past

When I was little loved books. I loved the smell of used books, and that every book had a story to tell. I read all the time and I still do. I like reading real books, or books on my phone. I am not in to all that tablet and kindle nonsense. I love classics and i am going to deduce everything i read on here once a week. Please feel free to leave any comments. What are your thoughts, is technology making books a thing of the past?